Foods that Damage Teeth

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If you’re afraid about what to eat for the best oral health, don’t be: stick to foods and drinks that are relatively low in sugar and soft to chew, and you’ll be fine. (And as always, don’t forget to brush and floss your pearly whites daily!) That said, we understand that lots of of our patients are tense about the damaging effects certain foods can have on oral health, so here is a list of a few foods you should carefully avoid:

Alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol not only increases your risk of developing oral cavity cancer, but also increases your risk of dry mouth. Without spit to push around fluoride, dislodge food remnants and clean out your mouth, tooth erosion and gum disease become more likely.

Coffee. You may already know that coffee can stain your chompers, but it can also dry out your mouth; when you have dry oral cavity, saliva can’t work its magic to keep your teeth and gums clean from bacteria and debris. Additionally, lots of people like to add sugar to their coffee, which can lead to tooth erosion.

Ice. Water’s great for you, so ice has got to be great too, right? In reality, chewing on ice can hurt your pearly whites. The hard structure of ice can break or fracture your pearly whites, leaving you with a oral emergency. Water in its liquid form is great for your pearly whites and oral cavity, but ice isn’t.

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