Gum Disease Problems Require Professional Treatment and Further Prevention

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Poor oral hygiene habits and failing to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkups can leave excess plaque and food particles in your mouth. In time these bacterial deposits can start to harden into tartar on your teeth near the gumline. Once this starts to happen your chances of developing gum disease can significantly increase.

Early signs of a periodontal health problem often include gums that bleed easily and look inflamed. Many individuals suffering from gingivitis will also experience problems with chronic bad breath.

If gum disease is caught early a periodontist like Dr. James R. Knochel can remediate the periodontal inflammation with a professional dental cleaning designed to eliminate the presence of hardened tartar. Conscious efforts to improve your daily routine and attending your routine dental checkups will improve your chances of suffering from gum disease in the future.

Without professional treatment, gingivitis can gradually worsen into the severe form of gum disease known as periodontitis. As it develops in your gum tissues can cause your gumline to recede from your teeth. As it worsens small pockets of infection can start to build up near the roots of your teeth. Over time you could experience depleted bone structure and potential tooth loss.

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