Inquiries Into Symptoms of Gum Disease

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Caring for your smile includes assessing all risk factors associated with gum disease and being aware of any symptoms and signs that may be present. To effectively treat gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, it is important to look for any damage that may be occurring so that potential treatments can you be given later. Common questions referring to symptoms of gum disease are as follows:

What is the significance of gum disease?
Gum disease is a serious infection that takes place within your gum tissue.

What are some of the common symptoms of gum disease?
– frequent bad breath
– inflammation, tenderness or swelling of your gums
– an increase in tooth sensitivity
– destabilization of your gums leading to tooth slippage
– pain when chewing foods
– gums that frequently bleed
– gum recession

What are the benefits of gum disease symptom recognition?
By spotting gum disease in time, you can drastically lower your recovery time by seeking the treatment that you need.

What are my possibilities for treating gum disease?
In order to effectively treat gum disease, you will need to visit your periodontist.

Make sure to take diligent care of your gums so that your smile can last for ages. For more information about signs and symptoms of gum disease, or to schedule a comprehensive oral examination with Dr. James R. Knochel and our team, give us a call at 520-747-7944. Our office is located in Tucson, Arizona.