Is Chronic Gum Disease Trying to Take Over Your Smile?

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Our experienced dentist, Dr. James R. Knochel, offers scaling and root planing for our patients who have chronic gum disease. Also called periodontal disease, this condition is very treatable in the early stages. In fact, at this stage of the disease, we can often turn around gum disease by performing this non-surgical deep cleaning treatment.

Scaling and root planing treatments, combined with improved dental hygiene habits at home (brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash daily to remove harmful bacteria), can keep your gums from the more advanced stages of this disease.

So what can you expect after Dr. Knochel has assessed the condition of your gums and determined that you can benefit from a scaling and root planing treatment?

–You will be scheduled for your treatment.

–Before your scaling and root planing therapy begins, you will receive a local anesthetic to help you relax.

–Plaque and calculus are removed below the gums as part of the scaling treatment.

–The tooth roots will be cleaned and bacteria on the roots smoothed away (planing). Clearing out the infected cementum–which is the thin layer of bony material attaching your teeth to your jaw–as well as the tooth root will preserve supportive bone material and protect you from tooth loss.

At the dental practice of James R. Knochel, D.D.S., P.C., in Tucson, Arizona, we are pleased to help you overcome chronic gum disease from trying to take over your smile. We are happy to schedule a scaling and root planing treatment for you after a thorough evaluation. We invite you to call 520-747-7944 today and speak to a member of our caring staff.