Reverse Poor Oral Hygiene with Bone Grafts

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Were you aware of the need for a bone graft should a prosthetic such as dental implant be required? If for any reason you have any lost or missing teeth, and you wish to replace them with a prosthetic such as a dental implant, your jawbone will need to be extremely strong. This is because they will need to be able to effectively hold the implant in place.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, also known as the AAOMS, a bone graft is required for your jawbone if your jawbone is too soft, frail or thin and cannot adequately hold an implant on its own. Bone grafts are designed from sturdy materials or can be taken by removing a bone from one area of your body and grafting it onto your jawbone. After a period of several months, the graft and the bone will strengthen, allowing a dental implant procedure to be used.

In some situations, bone grafting treatments can also be used for periodontal treatments. However, they are most popular when used with dental implants. If you are in need of any oral health care procedures that require bone grafts including dental implants, speak with your periodontist.

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