Understanding Periodontal Disease

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Although serious, periodontal disease is not as complex as it might sound. “Peri” means teeth and “odontal” means around. Therefore, periodontal disease refers to infections that affect the structures around the teeth, such as the gums. Other parts of the mouth that this disease affects are: the cementum that covers the roots of the teeth, the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone.

Our periodontist, Dr. James R. Knochel, is trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease and is here to help with all your oral health care needs. Additionally, our well-trained and highly-professional team at James R. Knochel, D.D.S., P.C., in Tucson, Arizona, is here to help you better understand periodontal disease.

Plaque is often the culprit of many dental ailments, and periodontal disease is no exception. The bacteria found in dental plaque has been linked to erosion of areas around the teeth. Swollen and bleeding gums are the early signs of the disease, and if they are not treated, it is possible for the infection to spread.

The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. This is where the infection remains in the gums, but if it is not treated, it can spread to the structures in your teeth that support the jaw bone. If left unattended for too long, teeth can become so loose that it becomes necessary to extract them. Luckily, there are advanced treatments and solutions available to those affected by this.

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